1- Benign Tumors vs Benign Tumors. Compare both of it.

1- Benign Tumors vs Benign Tumors. Compare both of it.

2- What is a mutation causing cancer? Types of mutations.

3- Paracrine and Autocrine signals, concepts of each.

4- What is Cell adaptation and why it is so important?

5- Concepts of Adaptation mechanism such as: Hypertrophy, Atrophy, Hyperplasia, Metaplasia, Dysplasia.

6- Are cancer cells immortals? Why? What is an Oncogene and post an example.

7- What are two example of Viral Infections which may produce Cancer changes in cells.

8- Do We have vaccines against Oncogenic Viruses? Post Examples (minimum 2)

9- What is metastasis?

10- Cancer can produce these clinical manifestations, explain why each of it.

Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Anemia, Fatigue, Caquexia, Leukopenia, Alopecia.

11- What is the meaning of TNM Staging system for Malignancies?

12- What is Epigenetics?

13- Environmental Lifestyle Factors and Cancer. Explain relationship for:

Tobacco Use, Nutrition, Obesity, Alcohol Consumption, Physical Activity, Ionizing and UV Radiation, Infections.

14- Apoptosis: post about it.

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