1 page paper on a credit card

1 page paper on a credit card

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For this assignment you are to review the credit cards described in the attached file and decide, if you had to apply for one, which one would it be. Use the material we have covered to decide which one would be best for you. You then need to create a short essay, a minimum of 1 full page, and a minimum of 1 cited source, of why you chose the one you did.

Instructions for the Credit Card Assignment.

1. You are to create a 1 – 2 page paper where you select a card to apply for. You are required to include one reference and cite it correctly in APA formatting. That reference may be any article, advice, opinion, etc. related to why you selected that credit card. There are offers numbered 1 to 10 on the document. There is a brief summary of each card on the above PDF; open the file by clicking on the above link.

2. Read the summary of each card enclosed for your review.

3. On the next tab in Canvas there are some more resources to help you choose which credit card is best for you.

4. Create your paper and post it to Canvas.

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