100 Art paragraph

100 Art paragraph

I’m studying for my Art & Design class and need an explanation.

After viewing the film you selected, thoughtfully discuss three scenes in which the director uses a visual technique defined by lighting, setting, camera angle, or color in a numbered format as follows.

1. Address and post a VISUAL idea from this film that is evocative of a place or setting.

2. Address and post a VISUAL idea from this film that is evocative of what a character is feeling.

3. Address and post a VISUAL from this film that is evocative of the content or moral of the story

Remember, this discussion is about visuals, lighting, angles, color (if it applies), composition, atmosphere, all the things words can’t convey. Don’t write a film review, that isn’t your job here. Address the three issues, briefly, as stated.

Be certain to post relevant stills from the film you selected or your essay will not be accepted. Many stills are available online and screen captures are done in 2 clicks. You can easily fold these images into the discussion page.

Always post text and images in the discussion page window. Please DO NOT not post a link to another site for your essay response. This makes it hard for me to grade, and hard for the other students to respond. Essays linked to an outside page will not be graded. If no Images are visible in the discussion window that discussion will not be graded.

I have a list of all films these are required

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