Student Instructions

You are required to complete a Portfolio of evidence as part of the assessment process to achieve competence in the associated unit. Your assessor will provide clear guidelines for the task including all criteria that must be covered and any specific tasks that must be carried out or evidence that must be submitted. This evidence may be gathered over time in a range of situations.

Please note that Portfolio assessments are generally a combination of several tasks combined together to establish a deep understanding of concepts and their application. These tasks will generate evidence that must be submitted as a collective to demonstrate competence and may involve the submission of work samples a well as evidence of research and specific tasks undertaken.

It is important that you read, understand and complete all aspects of this assessment as all parts are specific to the criteria set out in the unit requirements.

Documentation to be submitted on Moodle in pdf format.

Description of Portfolio of Evidence

Below is the policy for development reporting guidelines with Chisholm Community Services and must be adhered to:

Students are required to get consent to observe and/or question an individual over multiple sessions (minimum of 3 sessions) to obtain information about the individual’s developmental status.

Students need to interview a family and/or significant other to the individual and provide analyse of this information.
A genogram also needs to be provided.

Students are to gather information through observation, questioning, speaking with family, significant others and other services and put into a report. A template for the report will be provided to students and students must complete all appropriate fields of the template to sector standards. Information students may request to see to assist in forming their report is; child personal health record (blue book) and school reports.

Student needs to provide a description of what the developmental status of the individual should be with referencing from reliable sources, the student will need to highlight and explain developmental differences for the individual. Analyses provided by student explaining if the individual is reaching developmental milestones or is the individual possibly developmentally delayed and if so, in what areas.

Students also need to consider what current services are involved or could be referred to and provide reason for involvement or referral. This would include family support, maternal check-up, early education, play group. Students must also consider mandatory reporting and provide information around if the individual’s needs are being met and if not, what reporting requirements are needed.

Students need to make note of specific dates and times spent with individual.

It is required that students speak with their teacher regarding an individual they would like to conduct their report on prior to commencement of the assessment task. Given the nature of the assessment it is encouraged that students focus their assessment on an individual between the ages of 1-5 years of age.

If during assessment students are concerned for the welfare of an individual then this needs to be discussed with your class teacher in private, to discuss possible child protection notification pathways.

Students will be given a template to complete the report on an individual’s developmental status with the following guidelines:

Use APA referencing
The report must be submitted to a sector standard with professional language and grammar
Use the Assessment Criteria as a guide for detail and attach to your work when submitting
Please note that if there is any consideration that the child or family you are working with would require a child protection notification that you should not be working with them.

The aim for this task is to work with a well-adjusted child that you could provide some options of support to.