Writing instructions
Community Health Needs Assessment Part 11 Grading Rubric (90 points)
Community Health Needs Assessment (about 15 slides)

Assessment 30 points
1. Summarize the windshield survey data and analysis [8 points]
2. Identify the Target Community– describe using visuals such as maps and pictures from your Windshield Survey. State whether it is geographic, phenomenological or both. [5 points]
3. Summarize the highlights from your community data table [10 points]
4. Describe trends in outcomes over time [3 points]
5. Summarize Key Informant Interviews: Interview two individuals who can provide relevant information about your target community [4 points]

Analyze & Diagnose 30 points
1. Analyze community data
• Summarize and synthesize the important data points related to your target problem. [12 points]
• Identify target community strengths and challenges [3 points]
• Discuss the public health and/or social implications of your findings (based on the analysis and synthesis of data) [10 points]
2. Community nursing diagnosis
• State your nursing diagnosis. [5 points]

Nursing Intervention 20 points
• Go to the literature and describe one evidence-based program/intervention that addresses the identified nursing diagnosis [15 points]. Include the citations!
• Identify the goal of the intervention. [3 points]
• Identify which level(s) of practice the intervention targets (individual, community, systems). [2 points]

Presentation Style 10 points
1. Professional Presentation [7 points]
2. Spelling [1 point]
3. References [2points]

Total 90 points

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