8-10 page paper with 10 sources (provided) Directions: you will be writing from research, from non-fiction. you will be writing to persuade your reader that your conclusion is viable. Think about it, when we talk and when we write we usually are trying to get the audience to come along with our way of thinking. However, you can’t simply have an opinion or present information on one side of an argument, you must acknowledge all sides of the argument because your reader will be looking for a balanced, intellectual work. Do not write from a point of view in this paper, write to present your research and what it means. TOPIC: Covid- 19 pandemic having an impact on Mental health & substance and alcohol abuse (paper must acknowledge that this is preliminary and also support both sides to this topic) impact the Covid-19 Pandemic has had on middle-aged Americans dying of drug and alcohol abuse, obesity and its attendant illnesses, and, in short, of broken hearts. Work cited (articles that must be used ) ATTACHED FYI : as we have seen, Covid is ongoing, and so we cannot really know the ramifications of this horrible incident in our lives. These are preliminary results. I would make that clear in the writing MLA says that when you include long quotes of more than 4 lines, you must isolate the quote within the paragraph with a large left margin. A research paper should offer a look at all facets of a topic Use quotes or summary material from your expert sources to illustrate your points. Cite both direct quotes and summary expert material.

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