CRIMINAL LAW (CJL 2100) (Fall 21)
Students must prepare a PowerPoint type presentation (or equivalent) that would support a minimum of 5 to 10-minute oral presentation. PowerPoint presentation or similar slide show must have a minimum of five (5) slides, not counting the title slide. Students will thoroughly research their selected topic and then give a brief presentation on what they have learned and/or discovered. Presentation must be uploaded to Canvas by the due date listed in the course syllabus. Presentation dates will be discussed at a later date in the semester.
Students will thoroughly research the following topic: A criminal case in the media (that has been decided with an outcome) within the last two years (the outcome must have been decided within the last two years, the case can be older). The student shall discuss the violations of criminal law, this includes the evidence used in the case. Students should link items addressed in the paper to topics addressed in the course material during the semester to achieve a higher grade. Students must use and cite a minimum 0f two (2) sources in researching the case.

Students should address but shall not be limited to the following: History of the case and sentence issued, case outcome, violations of law, how did the violations affect the case, how did the case overcome these violations and what kind of impact can this have on future cases with similar dealings. Students shall speak about the sentencing (determinate, indeterminate, etc.), was the sentence a standard sentence or did the judge defer from the guidelines, etc.

Presentation Requirements
The presentation should include a minimum of five (5) slides, not counting the title slide and reference/source slide. The presentation should be in APA format (for references/sources). Proper credit MUST be given to those whose information you make use of in the presentation. Failure to meet the minimum requirements will result in an F grade for the presentation.
Students must use a minimum of two (2) sources.
Presentation must include and be organized as follow:
(1) Title slide
(2) Minimum of five (5) slides of content
(3) Bibliography/Reference slide

Presentation Grading
***** See attached rubric for grading
No late presentations will be accepted without prior approval from the instructor. Presentations need to be submitted to the instructor by the due date (date listed in the course syllabus) via Canvas.
The presentation must be the work of the student – copying or using the work of others and claiming it as the student’s work is plagiarism and is prohibited. Plagiarism will result in a grade of “F” for the course. All works must be properly cited with in text citations, proper format and references and bibliography.