Write a 1300-word RESEARCH PAPER on one of the topics below.

Aside from our primary course texts, you MUST draw upon at least 2 secondary works – scholarly articles or book chapters providing a critical, theoretical, or historical perspective on your topic.

Secondary works can include literary criticism / historical or sociological works / film criticism / philosophy etc. YOU MUST QUOTE & CONNECT LINES OR PASSAGES FROM THE COURSE WORKS & YOUR TWO EXTERNAL SCHOLARLY SOURCES; responsible use of secondary texts ensures that your essay gains from other scholarly perspectives & research conclusions.

You are expected to provide your essay with a firm structure, clear introduction, a laying out of evidence, and proper in-line citation of sources – an MLA style WORKS CITED section will follow your main text.

Clearly differentiate the specific stages and materials of your argument. A research essay demands that you draw clear lines between your detailed evidence and the abstractions by which you organize and lay out that evidence. Remember, you are proving an ARGUMENT, not simply exploring options or surveying different perspectives.

1200-1300 WORDS / 12 pt Times New Roman / 1.5 line spacing / 1 inch margin all round

Footnotes: 10 pt Times New Roman / MLA format styles & citations / TITLE & WORKS CITED

Essay topic:
D2 Choosing any three course texts, show how notions of the FEMININE are put under pressure in the confrontation between traditional forms of socio-cultural practice & more modern understandings concerning the role of women. Your primary focus must be Zhang and Duras.

Course texts are: Zhang Ailing’s Love in a Fallen City, Marguerite Duras‘s The Lover, and Ferdinand Oyono’s Houseboy.