As brought up in Chapter 9, let’s reflect on how genetics and environment interact to influence development (nature versus nurture). Use and define the concepts/terminology used in chapter 9 to further guide and add to your responses.

Is your personality more like one of your parents than the other?
More like my father. My father is more outgoing, social, active, and energetic. My mother was just the opposite. (Please elaborate more on this)

If you have a sibling(s), is his or her or their personality like yours?
My brother is completely like my mother and my opposite. (Please elaborate more on this)

In your family, how did these similarities and differences develop?
I have identified with my father thinking that being outgoing and active is a more successful and healthy trait. (Please elaborate more on this)

What do you think caused them?
(Will need help on this part)

Can you think of a human characteristic for which genetic differences would play almost no role? Defend your choice.(Will need help on this part)

Identical twins are more similar than fraternal twins for the trait of aggressiveness, as well as for criminal behavior. Do these facts have implications for the courtroom? (Will need help on this part)

If it can be shown that a violent criminal had violent parents, should it make a difference in culpability or sentencing? (Will need help on this part)