Leading Teams & Organisations
Leadership Analysis Report
This “LAR” report is an opportunity to assess your personal strengths and weaknesses in relation
to leading teams so you can establish a plan for continued professional growth and development
in the identified areas. The LAR simulates the self-assessment format many companies rely on
when trying to determine whether a rising star is ready to take the next step in the company for a
higher leadership role (e.g. a move from middle management to the executive team).
Your report should be 1250-1500 words with 12-point font, 2.54cm (1-inch) margins, and singlespaced. Your report should include the following:
1. Part 1: Assessment of Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses:
• Using course content, reports, frameworks, and lessons, analyse your strengths and
weaknesses in leading a team.
• For this analysis, you should use key lessons and insights gained from the course. Sample
topics for possible exploration and analysis include (Note: these are just examples; please
feel free to select your own topics for exploration):
o How effectively do you perform the core leadership styles and their associated
o What did you learn from the survey results regarding your self-assessment of
leadership behaviours?
o How effectively do you change or adapt your leadership behaviours to meet the
needs of a given situation?
o How effectively do you identify and address the motivational issues of your team
o How effectively do you lead diverse teams? What would you need to change to
effectively lead more diverse teams?
• Your analysis should include specific personal experiences to describe and support your
arguments. For example, if you are discussing a leadership behaviour you successfully or
unsuccessfully used, please describe this situation and how it influenced those you were
trying to lead.
2. Part 2: Leadership Development Plan:
• This plan should address what you intend to do in the next two years to build upon your
leadership strengths and improve your weaknesses identified in Part 1. In general, you
should answer the question: “What should I do to build strengths and overcome
weaknesses in my ability to lead teams so that I can achieve my career objectives?”
• Specific activities should be detailed (e.g. continuing education, training, special job
assignments, personal activities).
• Make sure to develop your plan using and applying key course concepts.
• Be creative and critical. For example, certain leadership habits are difficult to change.
What are active, specific, and actionable ways you can address challenges stemming
from your leadership weaknesses?
Evaluation of Reports:
Grading will be based on:
• Application of Course Content: How well do you apply the course material offered in
readings and class sessions? How well do you integrate course content, such as research,
theory, and data, to create compelling and logical arguments?
Note: Demonstration of course content in terms of depth and detailed analysis in your
report is weighted significantly higher than breadth of topics. In other words, reports that
go into depth on fewer topics will receive higher grades than reports that broadly cover
many topics. Students often try to cover way too much course content, which dilutes the
quality of their analysis and lowers their grade on the assignment.
• Organisation & Writing: How clear and well organised is your report? How well does
your report reflect professional quality in structure, clarity, and comprehension?

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