Times New Roman, 12 pts, at least 250 words
This is the transcript of a short video of the group presentation:
Hello everyone. My name is Bailey Didion. I’m a junior studying accounting and finance. Hello. My name is John.I am a junior and I am majoring in human resources management. I am Spencer joke, I am a sophomore. My name is Jason Thompson. I am sophomore and my major is business management. We as a group are presenting wage gap between men and women in Indiana. We propose a community event or a type of seminar competence in which business leaders would attend. The social change category aren’t bent, would focus on is the wage gap between men and women. We discuss the current laws and acts that have been put in place currently and discuss new practices or laws that can be clinic that we can communicate to federal, the federal level level to incorporate, such as the EEOC, civil rights, and Lilly Ledbetter organization. The target audience for this event is going to be business representatives, as well as key leaders in the movement to end the wage gap. However, this will be an open event and we hope to have as many attendees as possible. The benefit of this event is going to be to increase awareness and start to create change. So that women can earn the same dollar amount as their male counterparts to perform the same task. When you set a job description and or candidates, anyone that applies is automatically telling you that they can perform the job regardless of their gender. Therefore, as a group, we fill that by continuing to get the word out about the wage gap. In continuing the conversation, we can alert businesses to continue to improve their social responsibility, to push for better pay equality among men and women. Unfortunately, there are many iterations or about how there’s one equal pay to this day is to bring light how far to the year when the work term, what men earn in the previous year? While there are many non-profits organization struck the United States, there are many, as there can be in any sport, one. In this movement. We loved assistance of our current Indianapolis non-profit organizations to attend a conference and get their advice as their best approach and how we can close the gap. So in order for this event to be a success, we are looking at about a 100 to 200 volunteers and attendees, each of the volunteers, but it’s similar role of training technique or best negotiations. Either a four, this is unfortunately kinda intend or businesses that felt they didn’t need to it. And this would also allow the attendees to take this new found confidence and apply it towards our current employers or future employers so they can obtain the pages that they rightfully deserve. And in order for us to get the word out best, we wouldn’t markets as a bat to me via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And go to businesses that have already enacted the change thus far have been leaders in such change. Ask for their participation and assistance, and that’s, we’d also do so by creating flyers and handing them out. Around the age. However, we feel as though you’re using social media platforms would actually be a little bit better to get the word out and outreach a little bit more. Total cost will be exactly on $125. The venue will be around $400. The rentals of tables and chairs will be around $200 than the catering when we I don’t know a $150, the code will be a $150 as well. In the end, a 120. (Group 7)
View the provided transcript and critique the group’s JAG action presentation. Your critique could include your thoughts about the team’s event, feedback about the team’s social change category, suggestions for the team, overall quality of the presentation, etc.