You are required to submit a typed, double-spaced, APA (7 TH Ed.) format, and grammatically correct document in Times New Roman with font size set at 12-point with margins of at least 1 inch. References must include three (3) peer-reviewed journal articles. Conduct further research in these journal articles to support your responses to the questions. Remember to respond separately to the questions at the end of each case.
Do not include your responses to these questions within the case analysis template.
Reenergizing Employees After a Downsizing: Pages 540 to 542 (page numbering may be different for eBook and textbook).

Grading Criteria
1. Demonstration of an understanding of the case details – Critical & creative thinking skills (25%)
2. Research and Analysis of the issues presented in the case (25%)
3. Recommendations (30%)
4. References & APA Style (7th Ed.), font size 12 points, Times new roman, double spaced, 1” margins, reference list, title page, running head) (10%)
5. Case study format, Language, grammar, mechanics (no spelling errors, grammatically correct, no word contractions such as can’t and won’t, write in complete sentences, good sentence structure) (10%)

Case Study Analysis Guide
The guidelines presented below have been designed to help the student analyze the cases. They are not, however, intended to be a rigid format. Each question is intended to bring out information that will be helpful in analyzing and resolving the case issues. Each case is different, and some parts of the guidelines may not apply in every case situation. Also, the students should be attentive to the questions for discussion at the end of each case. These questions should be answered in any complete case analysis. The heart of any case analysis is the recommendations that are made.
Problem/Issue Identification and Analysis/ Evaluation steps should be focused on generating and defending the most effective set of recommendations possible.
Problem/issue Identification
1. What are the central facts of the case and the assumptions you are making on the basis of the facts?
2. What is the major overriding issue in this case? (What major questions/issue does this case address that merit(s) their/its study in their course and in connections with the chapter/material you are now covering?
3. What sub-issues or related issues are present in the case that merit consideration and discussion?
Analysis/ Evaluation
4. Who are the stakeholders in this case, and what are their stakes? What challenges/threats/opportunities are posed by these stakeholders?
5. What economic/legal/philanthropic responsibilities does the company have and what exactly are the nature and extent of these responsibilities?
6. If the case involves a company’s action, evaluate what the company did or did not do in handling the issues affecting it.
7. What recommendations would you make in this case?
8. If a company’s strategies or actions are involved, should the company have acted the way it did?
9. What actions should the company take now and why?
10. Include a discussion of alternatives you have considered but decided not to pursue.
11. Mention and discuss any important implementation considerations

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