You are required to complete a two – page (500 words, minimum) (12 pt. font, double spaced) summary response

The responses must include the following elements in a coherent summary:

a) At least one page is a summary (250 word minimum) of the assigned reading that identifies the topic of the ethnography, the key insights the author makes in his study, and the primary anthropological methods used by the author

For example,

a. What issue is the ethnographer exploring?

b. Does the ethnographer advocate for his/her informants?

c. Is the ethnographer an active participant?

d. What does the ethnographer reveal about their interactions with the people in the study?

b) A second page (250 word minimum) that includes your own thoughts, opinions, insights, and perspectives on the ethnography.

For example,

a. What has the author omitted from or not discussed in the ethnography?

b. Are there topics you would like to know more about?

c. What most impressed you while you were reading?

d. Was there anything you didn’t agree with?


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