Personal Marketing Plan Final Project
Your class project will be the development of a marketing plan centered on a very important product – YOU. Your ability to use the principles of this course and textbook to market yourself will be critical to your success after you leave college. By creating your personal marketing plan—a plan for personal success—you will think about how you can position yourself relative to others competing for the same job, and how you will communicate your value so that you get an interview over other candidates. Ultimately, wherever your career leads you, you will need to market yourself effectively to reach the professional goals you have set and should be able to answer the following question: Why should I hire you?
You have been completing personal marketing plan exercises at the end of each homework assignment. You are to integrate your responses to those exercises (along with other material of your choosing) into a compelling personal marketing plan (10-12-pages, double spaced). This document will detail your current personal and professional goals and aid you in developing a roadmap that will help you to achieve them. Please note that the finished personal marketing plan should be more than simply a stitching together of these end-of-chapter exercises. You may use tables and figures as you wish. You can find a sample PMP in the appendix of your text. This is the format you should follow for your final project, with the addition of a title page, an automated Table of Contents, and an executive summary (not included in your 12 page limit).
Proper sentence structure and grammar will be a factor in grading. Your final project should be professional, which means you need to do a careful proof edit prior to submission. The assignment will be due on the last day of class. You are to save your project as a PDF and upload to the dropbox area that will be available in the final module.
As a professional in my field it is important to have comprehensive understanding of what a marketing plan is and why it is there. A marketing plan is an action oriented document or playbook that guides the analysts, implementation and control of all marketing activities. You will develop a professional marketing plan the twist in that your marketing plan will focus on how to market yourself to achieve your career goals. Many businesses fail to execute on their marketing plans because they did not spend adequate time clearly identifying what they wanted or expected to do. As a first step in developing your personal marketing plan, you will need to identify the specific objectives that you want to achieve in developing these objectives, you should ask yourself several questions, such as
Do I want to attend Graduate School, if so where and what program.
Where do I want to work.
Where do you want to live
What kind of life do I want to have.
how much will I need to earn have that life.
Most people have some notion of their strength maybe you’re an effective public speaker pay a great deal of attention to detail or work well with others for example it’s likely that you’ve had those strengths reinforced by those around you over the course of your life.
To affectively complete the strengths part of your personal SWOT analysis,
Teamwork with members to accomplish strategies.
Good interpersonal skills.
Weaknesses most people are very honest about their strengths but are typically far less likely to be aware of, or two knowledge, their weaknesses. Corporate recruiters often tell humorous stories about the responses there was ever when asking new college graduates about their biggest weaknesses. Answers range from I care too much, or I am too smart for my group members, to I am too attractive to have many friends. Any of these responses might produce a negative impression in a job interview, by the way.
Give serious consideration to your personal weaknesses, and then list three to five weaknesses that will affect your ability to achieve your objectives. By properly identifying your weaknesses, you can begin to plan strategy how to overcome them or, at the very least, minimize their influence on your career objectives.
Try to do much at once.
Can be too little mind single minded.
Fine done certainly difficult to manage.
Opportunities as the global economy changes you will enter a job market very different from the one faced by previous generations. It is important to honesty assess your opportunities. Ask yourself questions like, but jobs in my major are most in demand, what internship openings are there, and how to find my dream job. If your goal is to attend Graduate School what kind of scholarships, assistantships, or enrollment opportunities are out there for you.
For this part of SWOT analysis, identify three to five external opportunities that could potentially benefit you in your professional development.
Commitment to further study.
Support from work for further training.
Good position at work.
Threats. Assessing threats is an essential part of developing a strategic plan for your professional future. If the economy goes into recession at the same time you graduate for example, your earnings growth could be reduced for years to come. By examining what potential threats could affect your professional development and creating contingency plans, you will be in a better position to succeed in your pursuit of a job
What is the priority
Balancing work and home
No potential for promotion
Practicing to accept feedback to improve single minded when taking the decision. The balance between work and family is a priority in finding the right job in a specific area that gives incentives for promotion. Try not to do everything at once that fits overwhelming and do the work in an organized manner.
Develop a detailed list of the costs necessary to have the career you desire 10 years from now example student loans, training seminars, Graduate School costs, or any fixed or variable costs. Next compare these costs with the prices that organizations pay for people with your skill set. Finally determine your own personal break-even point for your salary level also identify when do you expect to reach the salary that you desire.
After you have outlined your contingency plans in a previous part of your personal marketing plan think about what measures will trigger the contingency plan. If your contingency plans involve attending Graduate School sometime in the future what will make you begin to look for a program if you are not being compensated in a way that matches your market value what will you do and how long are you willing to be underpaid. consider contingency plans also for later in your career. Is it likely that you will move to another city the next five years good family changes such as getting married or taking care of an aging parent. Affect the career path you should take. The more synergy can put in writing think about it and planet or 4 the greater chance that you will successfully navigate the most important product launch of your career you as a college graduate. Never forget that you are not a good personal brand every minute of every day. Never forget that you will make mistakes marketing yourself. Mistakes are OK as long as you learn from them. And never forget that whether you are marketing cars, a nonprofit organization or yourself planning increases the likelihood. list specific professional objectives for yourself at the 1/3 and five year marks after graduate from college what are the key points in your career you’re targeted industry in Graduate School program expected salary and benefits at each year.