Scope of Practice Statement & Role Delineation (15%) *(Assignment Resources: (a) Buppert Course Text-Chapter-2; (b) FL BON website:
Scope of Practice Statement: Your scope of practice is unique to you based on your NP specialty. Your scope of practice must include the community and specialty that you intend to practice within and the parameters of your APRN practice. To put it simply, a scope of practice is what you do as a nurse practitioner. It is the population that you practice with and how you go about implementing your practice. Many nurses applying for endorsement as a nurse practitioner find this the most difficult to write. While it may be difficult to get started, once you have started you will find, as others have, that this is an opportunity to really think about your nursing practice and reflect on the skills you have and the care that you will provide. A useful place to start is to read about scopes of APRN practice in the literature (*see above assignment resources).
Role Delineation: The role delineation written section allows the reader to identify how you-the NP-will achieve each competency outlined by the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF) and/or the AACN. Speak to how you plan to implement your NP professional role. This is unique to each student. You are to write a brief narrative and include supporting examples to highlight your intended activities. Ultimately it should show the progression towards the program goals. Some examples of how you as a future NP will fulfill your NP role can be seen in the chart below. Select one or two role components examples that you feel aligns with your NP practice goals, and provide supporting example experiences specific to your selected role components.

Essential Components of Role Delineation Examples /Supporting Evidence
Role Delineation based on NP Competencies Narrative format plus evidence is required
1. Management of Patient Health/Illness Status Reflections on class lectures, discussions, clinical experiences, readings, assignments
2. NP-Pt Relationship Reflections on class lectures, discussions, clinical experiences readings, assignments
3. Teaching-Coaching Function Sample of outline of teaching rounds, poster, in-service etc.
4. Professional Role May be evident in C-V, Proof of attendance at BON meeting
5. Negotiating HC Delivery Systems Attendance at Lambda Chi Meeting, Pri-Med, CMS seminar
6. Monitoring/ Ensuring Quality of HC Sample of peer reviews, quality improvement activities, Magnet offerings
7. Cultural Competence Article citation, Web References

*Maximum 3-pages (not including required 1-cover page and 1- reference page, ** APA 7th edition).