1.0 Introduction

• Aim of the report. Keep this concise and make sure you introduce the organisation you are focusing on. This only needs to set the scene.
1.1 Strategy & Its Importance Within An Organisational Context
• Define strategy and discuss its importance within an organisational context.

• Analyse the different levels of strategy and apply these to the case study organisation.
2.0 Analysing The Strategic Position Of ………………..

• Introduce this section, what will it cover. Keep it brief and straight to the point.

This section should explain the strategic position of the organisation. Also discuss factors that that are having an impact over the strategic position of the organisation.

2.1 The MICRO & MACRO Environments
• Critically discuss how the macro and micro environments potentially impact upon your organisations overall strategic position.

• Start with an analysis of the Macro environment using a PESTEL analysis. You only need to discuss the 2 or 3 key factors that are currently having an impact upon the organisation.

• Then use Porters Five Forces starting with the table and then disscuss under it to further assess the industry/competitive environment your organisation is operating in. Is the industry attractive? Who has the power? How competitive is it? You only need to discuss the 2 to 3 key factors that are currently having an impact upon the organisation.

Remember – It is essential to critique Porters Five Forces theory and its relevance to analysing the macro environment of your chosen case study organisation.
• Apply the capabilities and competences model and/or the value chain model in order to assess whether your organisation has the capability to survive or achieve a competitive advantage. You should analyse the organisations capabilities and use the VRINO criteria to support your discussion. You only need to discuss the key factors that are currently having an impact upon the organisation.

• You should now undertake a SWOT analysis that is based upon the key factors of the PESTEL, Porters Five Forces and capabilities and competences analysis. Once you have created a SWOT analysis, you should provide a short summary of the key factors (identified in the SWOT) that are driving changing within the organisation.

The key thing in this task is to keep your discussions concise and to the point. You only need to discuss the most relevant factors and the impact they are currently having on the organisation. You do not need to discuss the models in their entirety.

This task should help you to identify a potential issue that needs to be strategically addressed in order for the organisation to survive or achieve a competitive advantage.

Key Questions To Be Answered/Discussed Throughout This Section:
• Is their strategic position positive or negative?
• Is there capacity to achieve a competitive advantage?
• Should the organisation concentrate on surviving?

2.2 Expectations & Purposes Of The Organisation
• Discuss the priorities of your organisation, what is their aim and who do they serve?

• Undertake a stakeholder analysis, using the stakeholder mapping model and discuss which stakeholders have high or low interest and power?

• You should identify the key players within the organisation and then provide a discussion around their expectations and whether your potential area for strategic development meets their expectations and purposes of the organisation as a whole.

Please note that in this section it is essential to analyse whether your potential area for strategic development meets the expectations and purposes of the organisation and how it meets them.
• You should now be in a position to create a new strategy for the organisation that is based upon your analysis of the strategic position. You should provide a brief overview of the new strategy. ( I have chosen Harrods as an organisation and the new strategy to open a new store in china.. becaue in 2019 china spent more money then anyone else on luxury goods. Because there is only one harrods and a couple of pop up shops in London airports. A new store in china will be a great strategy.)

3.0 Strategic Choices For Case Study Organisation

• Brief overview of what this section will cover.

3.1 Maintaining & Achieving A Competitive Advantage
• Discuss how your case study organisation could achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, using the strategic clock (this strategic clock should be added as a picture or should be created in word document and then discuss under it).

• You should examine their current position on the strategic clock, and then considering your new strategy. You should identify and evaluate the position this new strategy will be following on the strategic clock, discussing how this will help the organisation either maintain their current position within the market place or achieve a new competitive advantage within the market place. By using the strategic clock you can make assumption how it relates to the organisation.

3.2 Directions & Methods For Strategy Development
• You will need to analyse and evaluate the strategic direction is your organisation going to take to implement its new strategy? (Protect/Build, Product Development, Market Development, or Diversification). ( since the strategy is makinga new harrods in china the strategic direction will therefore will be market development.).

• You should evaluate the method will your organisation use for strategic development? (Internal Development, Merger, Acquisition or Alliance). ( here argument can used such as harrods is ownd by the state of Qatar via its sovieren wealth fund. So they can use their own money and use the internal development method…. You could add more.).

• All your discussions should be substantiated using quotes/references from academic sources.

3.3 Success Criteria In Relation To Strategy
• Discuss success criteria for your new strategy.

• Is your strategy suitability, acceptable and feasible? Make a table and Discuss how is your strategy suitable( you can highlight key factors from macro environment that this strategy addresses you can take this from pestle and porters five forces. Acceptability ( highlight why this strategy will be accepted by the key stakeholders, you can take this from the stateholders analysis. Feasibility (link this to the capabily, what resource/competencies does the organisation have to support this strategy. Take this from capability.). and

• Link this section back to the analysis of the strategic position and therefore you should use your findings from task 2 to support your discussions here.

4.0 Managing & Implementing Strategic Change

• Brief overview of what this section will cover.

4.1 Implementing & Managing Change
• Identify the style and type of change you are undertaking. Is it big bang or incremental change? Discuss and justify why.

• Apply the force-field analysis. What are the driving forces for the change (including any new additions that will come about as a result of the new strategy); what are the resisting factors to strategic change?

• What style of management will you use to manage the strategic change? (Education, communication, collaboration, participation, intervention, direction, coercion or regulation). (use a table for a start and discuss under it, why you chose one of the above change style.).

• Who are the key change agents and facilitators of change?
For example leadership style that will help the strategy a success.

• You could briefly discuss what and who will enable the successful implementation of the strategy? (Finance, People, information or Technology)

• You should analyse the main resisting factors in relation to the new strategy?

• Apply relevant areas of Kotters 8 Step Model to your organisational change situation, highlighting how this will help you to overcome any resistance to change.
(Put picture or tables and then disscuss under.)

It is essential throughout this section that you discuss how you will
manage, communicate, implement and monitor
the strategic change process.

5.0 Conclusion & Recommendations

• Brief Overview of what this section will cover.

• Conclusions and justified recommendations for improvement in the strategic management process must be provided.

5.1 Conclusion

• Provide conclusions that are based on the key findings of your strategic management report.

5.2 Recommendations

• Justified recommendations with regards to how the change management process could have been improved through the use of revised strategic management theories must be provided.

• How do you think you could have improved your strategy with regards to its implementation and management?

• In this section you must cover the following areas:

• How the proposed change management process could have been improved.

• Possible areas for future strategic development.

• Recommended revised strategic management theories.

Please note that this is only a tick sheet, it is up to you how you present your sub-headings and structure the overall report. This is just a way of completing the report, not the only way!!