1 Critically appraise the impact of health and well-being on professional development and recommend creative strategies to improve and promote positive mental health, well-being, grit and resilience as a secondary school teacher.
2 Identify and critically appraise strategies to enhance pupils’ mental, social and personal health and well-being in secondary education.

This assessment requires you to critically appraise the impact of health and well-being on professional development for teachers
Section 1: Identify and evaluate the factors that impact on teachers’ health and wellbeing, both negatively and positively
Section 2: Recommend and justify school-led strategies that can improve and promote positive health and well-being among staff
Section 3: Critically evaluate the benefit of grit and resilience in teachers and how this will improve health and wellbeing


Level HE7 – It is expected that the Reference List will contain between fifteen to twenty sources. As a MINIMUM the Reference List should include four refereed academic journals and five academic books

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