202020-EUH-2000-21364 Unit 2 Assessment i would like to know how to format it

202020-EUH-2000-21364 Unit 2 Assessment i would like to know how to format it

Can you help me understand this History question?

In the first centuries since the coming of “the Barbarians” out of central Europe, it appeared that the previous understanding of stability and “nation-state” had been eradicated. Yet, by the 600-700 period, a few strong, former, tribes had gained control of old Gaul, the Iberian peninsula and the island of Albion. Still, no one central power had arisen and perhaps the legends of the old Empires would merely become myths. In the middle 700s, however, one man emerged with the drive to attempt to recreate the glory of the old Roman Empire. Your unit two assessment focuses on the rise, impact and world of Charlemagne.

You can best address this essay in four parts:

  • First, explain the rise of Charlemagne starting with his family’s rise to power
  • Second, discuss the impact of/during his rule, successes and failures of his reign and the aftermath of his rule, including what happened to his vast empire.
  • Third, analyze the connection to the church-state relative to the “Church as social glue” and his Empire, the dominance of the church in the Middle Ages. This section will go beyond Charlemagne into the 1100-1300 time, looking at events or people from this time that reflect on the issue of church-state.
  • Finally make an assessment for the future of Europe (so, after Charlemagne, the years to come) based on his actions—what will be the impact of a new unified Europe, a new “Roman Empire”—a “Holy Roman Empire.” What do you perceive is going to happen? In other words, what sorts of issues, challenges or developments will emerge in the years to come BECAUSE of Charlemagne’s unification actions.
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