Classroom Design Plan | academicacers

[ad_1] 31 Oct Classroom Design Plan Posted at 20:17h in APA, Education, University by 8925Early childhood teachers will have students with a variety of skill levels and behavioral needs in the classroom. Using data gathered from observations and other assessments allows teachers to appropriately provide interventions, sometimes in the form of RTI or MTSS, to […]

Stories and Myths | academicacers

[ad_1] 31 Oct Stories and Myths Posted at 19:25h in APA, Education, PhD by 8923For this assignment, you will identify a fable (such as a children’s fairy tale) that captures the story of your organization, especially regarding issues of inclusion and equity (see links below). Write about why you chose the fable and how it […]

Creating Positive Environments: Motivation and Intervention

[ad_1] 31 Oct Creating Positive Environments: Motivation and Intervention Posted at 19:47h in APA, Education, University by 8924Early childhood teachers must be proactive in motivating their students by creating positive social-emotional environments and using motivation techniques, modifications, and interventions to help their students succeed. Establishing this environment will also increase the students’ sense of safety […]

Due Process Discipline Narrative | academicacers

[ad_1] 31 Oct Due Process Discipline Narrative Posted at 17:50h in APA, Education, University by 8922Due process procedures are clearly outlined in IDEA. Teachers must be aware of the due process system as it relates to special education. Knowledge regarding common protocols and the components of due process are key to practicing teachers.Part I: Visual […]

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