308 reading discussion

308 reading discussion

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Please read the articles in the files, List things important and interesting you get from the readings, and then answer the following 4 questions(about 100 words for each question).

1. If both cultural heritage and innovation are prioritized, how do we determine which deserves more funding?

2. Are there any NEA grants or any other funding available to art organizations specifically for administration, facilities, and maintenance? If not, should this be something that is prioritized by local and state art agencies or are programming and education purposes more important?

3. Is it better for Government agencies like NEA to distribute grants to arts organizations, or for wealthy donors to give money the way they and their tax accountants see fit? In other words, is it fair to expect arts nonprofits to use resources to chase donors, or should we let the Government distribute the majority of the funds and leave the organizations to focus on their mission of making better/more accessible art?

4. Is this method of changing those in charge every two years keep the distribution of funds neutral or is there a better way of making sure that the grants given are fairly distributed?

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