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Submit Section I – VII of your change proposal, incorporating any feedback you may have received from your instructor and peers from the small group collaboration. Your rough draft should be formatted according to the most recent APA guidelines for instructor review and feedback.
This assignment will be graded as complete/incomplete. For additional details, please refer to the Capstone Project Guidelines and Rubric document.
Note to writer: This order is for section V-VII of a final project for a change proposal. I will attach comments from instructor though last week’s is not corrected yet. Initially my issue was- implementation of support systems to improve Patient Safety, instructor said it was vast then , the last writer came up with implementation of CDSS, which as of last comments she wants it to be narrowed down to a specific thing under CDSS, I will greatly appreciate your help in this. I will order 4 pages but if you end up fixing some of the previous sections, feel free to bill me I will pay whatever will be extra, I will upload all relevant documents/instructions
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