7-1 Final Submission of Capstone Project


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9151My topic: Implementation of Computer Provider Order Entry to Improve Patient Safety
This order is for the first component of the capstone project, I am all set with the philosophy part of it.
You have been working on both components of your capstone project since the beginning of the course: the first component (your Change Proposal) in your small group collaborations and rough drafts, and the second component (your Philosophy of Nursing Statement) in your reflection journals. This week, you will integrate all of the feedback and guidance on both pieces and compile them both into one final capstone project document with appropriate flow and headings.
For additional details, please refer to the Capstone Project Guidelines and Rubric document.
Note to writer:
The following are corrections/comments from instructor. My issue has been systems to improve patient safety for the change proposal. I have ordered all documents from you. Initially I submitted CDSS to improve patient safety for draft 3, and also 4, with the comments below, instructor said it was broad. I would have come up with a different system or topic by the time I ordered draft 4 but I had not gotten feedback from instructor. When I ordered draft 5 for the final sections of the proposal which is the evaluation and conclusion, the writer came up with CPOE instead since instructor didn’t approve CDSS. I submitted the last part separately to await for instructor approval before changing the whole document. She approved it but still wants specifics with examples attached in her comments below. I believe I need an overhaul of the paper then I will attach personal philosophy of nursing which is all set to complete the capstone project. Thanks
I have attached the change proposal document which I had submitted before to reference instructor’s comments but it was based on implementing CDSS which she disapproved but okay now with CPOE. I have also attached the last draft which was the Evaluation/conclusion and this one was based on CPOE, and she is okay with it but wanted outcomes changed. On the attachment with instructor’s comments she has given examples of what needs to be included. Thank you
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