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In this final week of class, you will reflect on your achievement of the BSN program outcomes:
Apply skills in using patient care technologies, information systems, and clinical decision support tools to promote safe nursing practice and quality patient outcomes
Utilize evidence-based practice in planning, implementing, and evaluating outcomes of care
Formulate strategies to promote health and prevent disease in individuals and populations across the life span
Implement patient safety and quality initiatives within the complex clinical microsystem using leadership and communication skills
Analyze trends in healthcare policy, finance, and regulatory environments and their implications for healthcare access, equity, and affordability
Evaluate life-long learning and nursing engagement to promote personal and professional transformation
As you finish your capstone course this week, reflect on your entire program and achievement of these program outcomes. Consider which competencies you find the most challenging moving forward and which competencies you are most confident in. What specific class(es) or assignment(s) helped you grow as a nurse and achieve proficiency in one of these outcomes?
Once you have written your transformative reflection, upload it to your BSN ePortfolio on the appropriate page.
For additional details, please refer to the Transformative Reflection Journal Guidelines and Rubric document and the ePortfolio Support section of the Start Here module.
Be sure to save your work from this course to your ePortfolio within 60 days after the term ends, as you will no longer have access to this course beyond this point. This is a good time for you to save your work to your own personal storage device as well.
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