9/11 terrorist attacks: • Thesis Statement: Develop a thesis statement. The thesis statement will be the point or claim you argue or prove in your paper.
• Outline: At a minimum the outline should include the following:
o Key issues and elements of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina
o At least three psychological symptoms victims experienced from each disaster (Descriptions of the symptoms are not needed for this assignment; only identification of the symptom experienced, such as PTSD.)

• Annotated Bibliography: Prepare annotated bibliography that includes five sources. All five resources must be scholarly or professional sources such as an official government website. This summary should include the following information:
o The author(s) of the source and APA citation
o A brief summary of the source. (Identify what the article is about and/or explain what the author tested, etc.)
o Brief explanation of how this source will contribute to your Final Recovery Plan.

• Title Page and Reference Page: The assignment should include a properly formatted APA (6th edition) style title page and reference page. The reference page must include at least five scholarly or professional sources.