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9176Identify & provide a critical review of the author’s thesis (i.e., main argument) that both states &
substantiates your own position(s) on his/her work.
• Beyond introductory statements as to the content &/or structure of the book, avoid merely summarizing
or describing the reading. This wastes the limited space that you are allocated & does not require or
reflect critical, analytical abilities.
• Avoid excessive quotations from the reading in question or from supporting texts that you may want to
• Incorporate your own position/viewpoint(s). If you agree with the author, state why you feel this way,
what arguments you find compelling, & what ones you would add to further support his/her thesis. If
you disagree with the author, be sure that you also reflect your own perspective rather than just
offering a critique. State what your alternative view/interpretation of issues/events might be.
• Be sure to observe academic conduct rules (i.e., no plagiarism, provide references of additional sources
you cite, etc.).
• Papers must conform to the assigned length requirement; at least 3.1 pages & no more than 5.25 pages.
• The text needs to be double-spaced, have 0.75”-1” margins, & be in a reasonable 11- or 12-point font.
• Grammar, spelling, etc., may be a grading issue if mistakes are excessive.
• Texts that may be reviewed include those listed as “supplemental” in the course syllabus.
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