Module 6 is light on reading but is still quite busy as you will see. First, we read the two Sylvia Plath poems, “Daddy” and “Mirror” as directed. Then of course we view the two and listen to them on YouTube. In the case of these two poems, many students say that without the YouTube support, particularly in the case of “Daddy,” they would not have been able to determine what was going on. There are other versions of both poems online as well as other Plath poems being read and presented. Feel free to indulge in as many as you feel motivated to visit and explore.

After your reading and viewing the video presentations, take part in the week’s discussions. As you might guess, this material provokes a lot of though and some very good commentary. Participate as you are motivated to do so, but certainly recall that more is better and that if we could weigh your contribution on a set of scales we would, and the most points would go to the winner every week.

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This week we are going to read Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” and then go to Youtube and view and listen to Plath herself reading her poem “Daddy.” Then, while on YouTube, listen to oliviam16 read Plath’s poem “Mirror.” After you are finished, return to the our Discussion and answer the following questions:

1) How different is the experience of reading “Daddy” as opposed to hearing Plath read it and seeing the video? Explain?

2) Does the poem, “Mirror” work with the mirror itself as the poem’s narrator? Why or why not?

3) What do you particularly like or dislike about either poem? Explain and give examples.

4) How does Plath use the imagery of Nazi Germany in her poem? Does it work? Why? How?

5) What does the narrator of “Daddy” mean when she says, “If I have killed one man, I have killed two”? Explain.

6) Does the narrator seem to love or hate her father? Explain.

7) Is the poem “Mirror” about changes? If so, what changes?

8) If you have anything, any comment, any question, anything at all further to post about either poem, please do so.

Do not forget that each week we are required to respond to at least TWO other student posts with good substantive discussions.


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