Question 1

A manager’s ____ skill is demonstrated in the way a manager relates to other people.

a. conceptual

b. human

c. technical

d. leading

e. controlling 

Question 2

Which of these managers are in charge of departments such as finance and HR that support line departments?

a. Line

b. Project

c. Top

d. Operatives

e. Staff

Question 3

One of the important ideas in the text’s definition of management is

a. the management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

b. the attainment of societal goals.

c. effectiveness is more important than efficiency.

d. management is unique to for-profit organizations.

e. efficiency is more important than effectiveness.

Question 4

Which of these forces comprises unwritten, common rules and perceptions about relationships?

a. Economic force

b. Political force

c. Social force

d. Legal force

e. Personal force

Question 5

Mary Parker Follett contributed to which field?

a. Administrative principles approach to management

b. Scientific management approach

c. Total quality management approach

d. Quantitative approach to management

e. Systems approach to management