A report about AVG Antivirus, and make a security policy, and make a security recommendation

A report about AVG Antivirus, and make a security policy, and make a security recommendation

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Please write 3-4 paragraphs for each section. Furthermore, please use a a medium level English language

Please write a report. The paper should include 3 sections, addressing following questions in detail. All the facts and statements that you would use from other resources, please cite them properly.

  • Warm up: Download and install the AVG Free antivirus software on your machine. It is a lightweight software install that you can remove after the assignment, if you have other protection already.
  • Carefully study the application, noting features you like and dislike.
  • Compare the application to its paid version. Comment on which features in the paid version are worth paying for given the cybersecurity risks you face as a student.
  • Which version would you recommend to a non-student population (say your parents), and why?
  • 1. Security Policy: Consider what you have learned from the book, and discussions in class till date, write a small antivirus policy for the IT infrastructure and users in a
  • a. small business
    b. an elementary school You may research anti-virus policies of organizations on the web, please use and cite responsibly.
  • Security Recommendation: Rose Shumba manages the IT security for a school. Given the wide range of people who use the school’s computers, it is challenging for Rose to prevent virus infections. She has installed an anti-virus on each machine and has a policy prohibiting software downloads.
  • Comment on:
    a. How secure is the network from viruses?
    b. What areas has Rose not secured?
    c. What recommendations would you make to Rose to increase the security?
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