Add Files Description Final Assignment

Add Files Description Final Assignment


Add Files Description Final Assignment – Test #2 ! You have been hired as Director of Sustainability at Hotel Independent, a local, recently purchased, urban hotel. The new owner wants to make her business a model of environmental sustainability and she has money to invest in environmentally sustainable practices that have a return on investment (their “payback period”) of no more than 7 years. She wants to grow the business by attracting an environmentally conscious market that includes both business and personal traveler clients. A few things to know: The south-facing 75 room hotel… • is in North Vancouver; • has a restaurant (eat in and take out), a pool, spa, exercise room, a 100-seat conference room with catering, an administration office and an office for customer use; • has a 1-hectare landscaped property with underground parking; • has a 15-passenger van and several hotel-owned vehicles; • is 35 km from the airport; • borders on an 80-hectare provincial park with access to forest trails and a wetland that leads to the ocean. The owner would like you to produce a Sustainability Plan. She would like you to begin with a 250-word overview as to why it makes financial sense, in today’s tourism market, to convert her hotel to fit a sustainable tourism model. Your summary must provide references from multiple sources with in-text referencing. The rest of the Sustainability Plan must be written clearly and it must address the following topics as section headings (you may choose the sub-headings): 1. Guest Rooms 2. Guest Services 3. Food & Beverage 4. Administration & Supply Chain Purchasing The owner knows you went to a good school to learn more about climate change as it pertains to tourism. She has asked you to clearly provide references for your content in each section, and to refer to course learning, such as your Drawdown textbook solutions, UNEP readings, guest speakers, assignment research, and lecture material. Dear my assignment. You can use different sources but i would recommend to use the below website in combination with other sites .

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