AFAS200 eassy 2

AFAS200 eassy 2

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Essay 2

In an essay of 1200 or more words (4-5 pages) consider one of the following essay prompts.Include a Works Cited page for all outside sources (besides the textbook).You may also use my lectures or the articles on d2l to help you discuss your choices.

Option 1:Origins and Consolidation of Slavery

Consider the origins, development, and consolidation of plantation and chattel slavery as it came to develop from the interference of the Portuguese coastal traders, through to its demise in the 19th century (and redevelopment and deployment and colonialism in the 20th).

You could focus on a single aspect of this trade:origins, economy, trade, development, demise, the Middle Passage, African slave traders, the precept of inferiority as applied to enslaved individuals, regions most represented and what that meant for the individuals relocated (i.e. what cultural artifacts remained for people).

This prompt will require outside research of our history book, but a number of our articles and online sources are relevant. I recommend the UA library online resources and databases as well as the librarians themselves.

Option 2:The Development of African Empires Pre-15th Century

You may focus on any of the Ancient African kingdoms and states mentioned in our history book, such as Ancient Egypt, Great Zimbabwe, Meroe, Nubia, or any others you were interested in.Research and explore the kingdom/state.You may also compare and contrast two to three kingdoms if you find such comparison is beneficial in illuminating some important understanding about those states.

Main idea/thesis: What is the most important attribute or contribution this culture and people made to Africa and the future?

This prompt will require outside research of our history book. I recommend the UA library online resources and databases as well as the librarians themselves.

Remember you have the Think Tank to help with essay writing, as well as several writing files under our Content section.

Due Date:See Syllabus

Remember the Standard Organization of Formal/Academic Papers:

Name, Date, Assignment:left justified at the very top of the first page

Page Numbers:last name and page number, top right corner (open the header)

Provide a Title:at the top of the first page, one line above the introduction.

Introduction:with a thesis statement that announces your topic and sets out the points

you will support with your Illustrations and Explanations.

Body Paragraphs (4 to 6 at least):Each with a Topic Sentence that links back to the

the Thesis Statement.

Conclusion: The purpose of a conclusion is to remind the readers of your main idea.Do not just restate your thesis.Remind readers of the significance of this song.

Works Cited Page: include citations for your sources

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