American Fascism – academic acers

American Fascism – academic acers


please read and post a JOINT response to the following articles (see Files), using the essay prompt and other tips given below:

Haley & Davis, “The Logic of Evangelical Christianity“
Clayton Crockett, “Jeb Stuart’s Revenge”

ESSAY PROMPT:  The authors of these two articles are Christian philosophers who have written widely on contemporary politics and religion, and are experts on right-wing Christianity. Both articles are highly interconnected and were published in 2008 as a response to the burgeoning anti-Liberal movement that eventually came to be known as the “Tea Party” which spearheaded the right-wing support base for the Republican party and the Bush administration’s War in the Middle East. 

You need to read the Haley/Davis article as a prep for the Crockett article. Together, both articles give us an insight into how an alliance between Evangelicals and “Tea Party” activists led to the rise of what many scholars are calling “American Fascism” (William Connolly 2017; Chris Hedges 2006). The role of Evangelicalism, which the scholar Mark C. Taylor refers to as “radical Christianity” (After God: 2008). is crucial to this.

For your response you need to quickly identify the “logic of Evangelical Christianity”, and then apply your understanding of this logic to explain how this feeds into the rise of what Crockett calls “American Fascism”.  This should then lead you to try and conclude by making an attempt to address the following question: What aspects of this movement did Trump harness to win the 2016 election? 

And at the end please ask a question about the reading

For more information on American Fascism read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fascism_in_North_America

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