American Government 19661841

American Government 19661841


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March 7, 2021

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March 7, 2021

Students are required to write a letter to their Congressional, State or Local representative. This letter is a formal letter whereby the student addresses an issue they care about and is under the purview of the representative. 
The letter should have an introduction; state the issue of concern; take a position on the issue and why it matters to your community. Students must review the docket to see if this issue is currently up for a legislative vote. If it is up for debate, suggest to the representative how you would prefer him/her to vote on the issue and why. Assessment will be based on timeliness, the presence of the required elements, thoughtfulness, professional voice and articulation of the issue. There must also be minimal to no mechanical errors.
Attached is a website with examples of letters and tips on how to best get the attention of your representative. The resource is Congress specific, but you may choose to write your city or state representative (after all, all politics is local).

Fax Numbers To Congress | House & Senate

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