annotated bibliographies | Nursing homework help

annotated bibliographies | Nursing homework help



Annotated bibliographies are used to organize and summarize research papers for future reference. In this class you will read several papers: one scientific article and several popular media articles about scientific topics. For this assignment you should read the articles, then write a short synopsis or summary of the major points in each article. Each summary should be approximately 1-2 paragraphs. This can be accomplished by writing a fairly brief description of the major sections in a scientific research article: introduction, methods, results, discussion/conclusion. While popular media articles are less focused on methods, they often have the other sections, although you may have to read carefully to find them. A full bibliographical reference should also be included for each article. 

To receive full credit for this assignment you should read the following articles and provide a synopsis and full citation for each (pdfs of the articles can be found on Canvas):

1. A powerful new way to edit DNA. A. Pollack, The New York Times. 

2. The CRISPR quandary. J. Kahn, The New York Times 

3. Gene editing for ‘designer babies?’ Highly unlikely, scientists say. P. Belluck, The New York Times. 

4. Factors that alter rumen microbial ecology. J. Russell and J. Rychlik, Science.

You may use either APA or MLA style for your citation, but be consistent and use one style for all citations. More information about proper citation can be found on the University libraries website: https://guides.lib.wayne.edu/c.php?g=939080&

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