Answer discussion questions and respond to two student posts human sexuality

Answer discussion questions and respond to two student posts human sexuality

I need help with a Psychology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Why do you think married woman tend to be less satisfied with their sex lives than married men are? Respond to 2 posts from other classmates.

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LaRay Goff,

I believe there are several factors that would come in to play. First would be communication, many believe that sex is just vaginal intercourse and some it is but for others intimacy is key. When you communicate with your partner about things being done or lack there of it’s my belief that the satisfaction rate drops or increases. Second thing is repetitiveness and I say this because in a marriage people get comfortable not realizing that their level of comfortability is sacrificing the others satisfaction. Try spicing things up doing something different even role-playing that is why women seek other sexual relationships. Try asking your wife what’s your fantasy and making that fantasy come true .

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Bobby Baker,

On a personal note I have been married for well over thirty five years to the same lady and when we first met It was all about sex and of course working and trying to be responsible. Back then we could go out on dates all we wanted with each other and it was exciting for my wife I am guessing that was the time we could surprise each other and had much more energy then we do now. and thirty five years later we get enjoyment out of watching a great movie or going to hang out at the beach or rides BBQ and we still find time for romance . having sex is not always the first thing on our mind were more focused on spending more time communicating and loving life. My wife is not lees satisfied she mentioned if anything life is great and she’s more in love with me then she has ever been in this time of our life. All of our friends are married and seem to be well satisfied with their sex life as well they do say it’s not an all day long thing like when they were younger. Bobby

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