Answer to essay-200 words minimum. dp

Answer to essay-200 words minimum. dp


Write an answer to this and use at leat one reference but not the same that appear here.

Leadership in Nursing

Leadership in the nursing field entails influencing other nurse practitioners to improve patient care by offering high-quality care that significantly improves patient outcomes.  Leadership in nursing enables nurse leaders to motivate other practitioners towards better healthcare delivery approaches. Nurse leaders need to encourage other nurses to work closely together as a team in health promotion. Therefore, nursing leadership e tails creating a conducive environment that motivates nurse practitioners and supports health promotion.  

The healthcare facility where I offer patient care aims at always remaining relevant to the patient it serves through serving their care needs cost-effectively and efficiently. The facility promotes the continuous learning of the nurse practitioners and other health practitioners working in the facility. The learning ensures there is a constant improvement of healthcare services. It further ensures that we’ll inform all the healthcare staff on current and emerging trends in the healthcare sector. The practice ensures that the facility provides up to date care to its patients all times.

I work for a Private for-profit hospital that offers different types of care and health promotion approaches. The hospital has embraced information technology that it uses to improve the kind of care provided to patients while at the same time reducing the associated costs. Lowering the cost of healthcare services is one of the critical objectives of the facility; it ensures that the hospital receives an increased number of patients. 

The climate in the facility motivates nurse practitioners to offer quality care that improves patient outcomes. The nurse leaders continue to create a positive work environment for the nurse professionals, thus serves as a very robust buffer against opposing forces that have adverse effects on their work. The motivation offered to the nurse practitioners by the leaders enables the nurses to work to the best of their ability. The leaders further provide training and guidance to the nurses, which also plays a crucial role in improving patient outcomes. The facility’s structuring is divided into four crucial segments: the individual patient segment, the care team segment that includes the healthcare professionals from the doctors, the nurses, and other professionals that deliver healthcare to the patients, the patient, and their family. The third segment is the administration, which comprises the hospital leadership and the external environment that comprise the hospital’s political and economic environment.  

The health facility’s formal goals include improving the quality of care offered to patients, improving patient outcomes, and ensuring that healthcare services are provided to patients at a reduced and affordable cost. The healthcare facility’s informal goals entail ensuring the healthcare professionals serving in the facility have a good working relationship that fosters the coordination of care offered to patients. The goals play a crucial role in ensuring teamwork among the hospital staff, which is vital in improving the quality of healthcare provided to the patients (Weiss & Tappen, 2014).

The facility’s processes include detecting different health conditions patients have by carrying out a proper patient diagnosis. Another key process that the health facility engages in is carrying out the necessary treatment to the patient depending on the diagnosis given and, lastly, ensuring that the patients are provided with a good end of life. The facility aims to provide care that improves the quality of life of the patients served and ensures the patients’ healthcare needs are well addressed. 

An organization’s work climate is vital to nurse leaders and managers because it enables them to understand better the processes involved in the work and have a clear picture of their roles and responsibilities in healthcare delivery in the organization. The work climate enables nurse leaders to understand the social processes that affect the nurse professionals they lead. As nurse professionals portray, work-related attitudes enable them to develop an environment conducive to the facility’s nurse practitioners.

The health facility climate is also vital for the career growth and development of nurse professionals in the facility (Stanley & Stanley, 2018). It promotes their empowerment and also impacts their productivity and job satisfaction. The work climate further leads to increased loyalty to the nurse leaders, significantly impacting nurse retention in the facility. In advancing their expertise, nurse practitioners need to embrace technological advancement in their practice. Through this, the nurses can learn new and emerging approaches that improve patient care quality.   

Effective communication is another approach that nurse practitioners can utilize in improving their expertise in the nursing field. Through this, the nurses have more clarity and understanding of patient needs, and that the patients and nurse practitioners relate better with each other. In my health facility, nurse practitioners have continuously engaged in critical thinking to effectively promote their healthcare practices. Shared governance entails the framework of accountability, equity, partnership, and ownership. In healthcare practice, it involves the integration of crucial values and beliefs to improve patient care. Shared governance impacts the power structure of a healthcare organization by improving the structure of the health facilities. It promotes the job satisfaction of the health professionals, thus promoting job retention.

Understanding the health facility’s culture and real goals that nurse practitioners serve plays a crucial role in guiding the nurse practitioners in their duties. It offers a sense of direction and guidance to the nurse practitioners in the different activities they engage in. An organization’s culture sets expectations on the organization’s practices, how people behave within the organization, and how they work together as a team (Stanley & Stanley, 2018). Therefore, the nurse needs to understand the organizational culture and the facility’s goals they work in to achieve high-quality care. 

According to one of the staff nurses, the activities that empower the nurses include providing them with leadership development. Different ways of doing this include introducing training programs that effectively empower nurse professionals in their professional and personal attributes. Involving nurse professionals in decision making is also an effective way of empowering nurse practitioners (Backman, Sjögren, Lindkvist, Lövheim & Edvardsson, 2017). Different ways of doing this involve giving the nurses a voice in crucial decision making. It enables the nurses to develop a sense of belonging, making them feel part of the big team.

My first impression upon walking into a healthcare facility was a place where my health issues would be solved with a lot of care. I remember who the nurses welcomed me with a lot of politeness and care, and I was instantly assured that I was in the right place. The changes that would be made at a low cost include training the nurse professionals on how to win a patient’s trust. Expensive changes include increasing the number of staff to offer a better patient experience. Making a good first impression is vital in enabling a health facility to gain patient trust.   


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