Answer to essay-200 words minimum. yrp

Answer to essay-200 words minimum. yrp


Write an answer to this and use at leat one reference but not the same that appear here.

1. Describe the organizational characteristics of the facility in which you currently have a clinical assignment. Include the following:

a. Type of organization: Rehabilitation center

b. Overall climate of the facility: Quality service, organized and friendly staff, optimum medical equipment.

c. How the organization is structured: This center is a structure in a traditional hierarchical structure, the employee is ranked from the top to the bottom. From the nurse manager of the medical director, nurse manager, nurses, and nurse assistant.

d. Formal and informal goals and processes of the organization:

Formal: Every nurse will provide to their patients with excellent health care.

Informal: Their pre-fill some patient records the day of admission with information that never changes diagnostic and procedures.

2. Why is the work climate of an organization important to nursing leaders and managers?

 Healthy work environments have both direct and indirect impacts on patient safety. Healthy work environments have been linked to increased nurse, leader, manager, and health care worker retention, recruitment, job satisfaction and have decreased stress and burnout, which subsequently leads to safer patient practices. A healthy work environment is a productive and collaborative setting in which nurses and other health care workers are free from physical and psychosocial harm while maximizing their ability to provide safe, quality care, along with meeting personal needs and with the empowerment to promote a satisfying work experience. Work environments that are negative, demoralizing, and have unsafe work conditions are deemed “unhealthy” and have been correlated with unsafe patient practice, nursing shortages, nursing job dissatisfaction, and low productivity. The achievement of a healthy work environment is multifactorial and requires the support of the health care workers through an environment of positive communication and co-worker team efforts. Healthy work environments, guided by authentic leaders, produce superior outcomes for both staff nurses and patients.

3. What are the ways in which a nurse can enhance his or her expertise?

Steps that nurse can enhance their own competence:

Participate in interdisciplinary team conferences and patient-centered conferences on your units.

Attend continuing education offering to enhance your expertise.

Attend local regional and national conferences sponsored by relevant nursing and specialty organization.

Read journals and books in your specialty area.

Participate in nursing research projects related to your clinical specialty.

4. Explain “shared governance,” and describe how it can affect the power structure of a health-care organization.

In share governance, staff nurses are included in the highest levels of decision making within the nursing department through representation on various councils that govern practice and management issues. These councils set the standard for staffing, promotion, and so forth. Genuine sharing of decision making is difficult to accomplish, partly because managers are reluctant to relinquish control or to trust their staff members to make wise decisions. Yet genuine empowerment of the nursing staff cannot occur without this sharing. For example, if staff members do not control the budget for their unit, they cannot implement a decision to replace aides with registered nurses without approval from higher-level management. If they want increased autonomy in decision making about the care of the individual patients, they cannot do so if opposition by another group, such as the physician, is given greater credence by the organization’s administration.

5. Why is it important for a staff nurse to understand the culture and real goals of the organization in which he or she works?

Does it matter in what type of organization you work? Empirically, is yes. For example, the extreme value placed on Business in hospitals, being seen doing something at all times, leads to manager actions as floating a staff member to a busier if she or he is found reading new research or looking up information on the web. Even more important, a hospital with a positive work environment is not only a better place for nurses to work but also safer for patients. Once you have grasped the totality of an organization in terms of its overall culture, you are ready to analyze it in a little more detail, particularly its goals, structure, and processes.

1. Describe your ideal organizational. Describe how the various components would interact.

 My ideal organization must be managed by an administrator, a medical director, and a nursing director, physician, nurse’s supervisor, and nurses. The people at the top management have the authority to make a decision, spend the organization’s money, and hire and fire people. Much of these authorities are a delegate to the people below them, but they retain the right to reserve a decision or regain control of these activities whenever they deem necessary. The people at the bottom have little authority but do have other sources of power. They usually play no part in deciding how money is spent or who will be hired or fired but are responsible for carrying out the directions from people above them on the ladder. If there was no one at the bottom then work would not get done.

2. Interview one of the staff nurses on your unit. Find out what practices within the organization help to empower the nurses. Compare this list of practices with those discussed in the textbook.

 The practices that help empower the nurse according to my nursing director in my facility that apply to it are:

Reward and recognition: We have an appreciation for a job well done; we receive a bonus for well-done work and additional pay’s vacation day.

Reasonable work assignment.

We have consistent, the equitable treatment of all staff.

Feeling empowered includes the following: self-determination, meaning, competence, and feeling that people listen to your ideas that you make the difference. The opposite disempowerment makes the inability to control one’s own practice leads to frustration and sometimes failure. Work overload and lack of meaning, recognition, or reward produce emotional exhaustion and burnout. Nurses want to have some power and to feel empowered. They want to be heard, to be recognized, to be valued, and to be respected.

3. Recall the last time you walked into a hospital, clinic, or physician office for the first time. What was your first impression? Did you feel comfortable and welcome? Why or why not? If you could change the first impression this facility makes, what would you


The first time I walked into a medical office, I remember a luxury office with modern furniture an excellent first impression related to the less important thing that we are looking for medical attention. The first question that the reception asks me was what insurance you do have, she doesn’t even know it was there looking for medical attention or applying for a job position. Sometimes in some facilities, we forget that the principal objective that we have is the patient, to treat the human being, not the insurance or luxurious furniture.

4. What changes could be made at a very low cost? What changes would be expensive? Finally, discuss why it is important for a health-care facility to make a good first impression. 

I think that it not too difficult and does not have any cost at all demonstrate that in all health-care facility their priority is the patient’s care, giving to the patient comfortable, transparency, quality, and safety health care service. Making a good first impression often ensures the patient the opportunity to referrer more patients due to the exceptional holistically health services offered.


Whitehead, D., & Weiss, S. (2010). Chapter 1. In Essentials of nursing leadership and management (5th ed.). Philadelphia: F.A. Davis.

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