art field trip 2

art field trip 2

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FIELDTRIP ANALYSIS: Written 1-page analysis; typed 12 point size, double spaced. Where did we go? What were the main concepts/features that you saw demonstrated on the trip? What was new or different than what you had anticipated from the organization/place of trip? What did you take away from the trip information that can be of benefit to you?

name of the place:


address:25 NW Riverside Drive, Suite 200, Evansville, IN;

website: www.evansvilleliving.com

* Listen to the Voice carefully to understand what we did in our visit. then, write the paper by answering the questions depend on what you have listened.

Please, Do not add anything that is not relate to the voice or the information that about the place.

*note: the voice in the zip folder, let me know if it does not work.

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