arthurian influences and beyond discussion

arthurian influences and beyond discussion



March 6, 2021

Question 7 in the Quiz

March 6, 2021

Post answers to the following:

  1. After watching the Did You Know video in the ARTmap, we see that King Arthur inspired hundreds of pieces of literature, film, and other mediums. In your opinion, is there an artwork or artifact from this module that has inspired or influenced any aspects of modern culture?
  2. Respond to at least one classmate’s post by offering additional details or ideas, a different perspective, or links to interesting, relevant articles or websites. Conclude with a question or new idea to further stimulate the discussion

classmate’s response ( After watching the Did You Know video, I believe that the artwork in Module 10 definitely is still influential in modern culture. For example, most of the artwork had strong religious emphasis. The beautiful colors and even gold (Ex: Gero Crucifix) used in these works of art still shape how many people express religion through mediums such as fashion. For example, even the 2018 Met Gala theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.” Here, one can see a direct influence between the artwork of the early Europe and the wardrobes of those attending the Gala. Of course, now the dialogue relating to christianity is more open and fluid than in the middle ages, and the avenues of expression are wider as well. Still, though, the underlying influence of early Christian artwork is palpable in the creations and artistic interpretations of christianity today. )


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