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9257You have learned a lot thus far about lean approaches to safety and health in the workplace. In this assignment, please
find an article on lean approaches in general (not related to safety) to review. In reviewing this article, please reflect on
how the applications described align with lean safety management practices you have covered thus far in the course and
to what extent you believe an organization that utilizes lean manufacturing processes might be more or less successful in
implementing lean safety management techniques. What role would cultural momentum (an existing culture that already
embraces lean) play in that success?
Write a two-page review of the article that includes the following information:
• Briefly introduce and summarize the article
• Identify the author’s main points
• Who is the author’s intended audience?
• How does the article apply to this course? Does it support the information in your textbook?
• How could the author expand on the main points?
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