artificial persons | Nursing Term Papers

artificial persons | Nursing Term Papers



March 7, 2021

final accounting paper

March 7, 2021

Question: are artificial persons (or A.I.) possible in the future? Could machines think?

Answer this question(s) and be sure to:

[1] Describe the Turing test. Describe in detail how it works and what its goal is. What counts as a pass and what does pass mean? If a woman passes the test what does Turing think that proves?

[2] Describe Functionalism and why it makes possible future artificial intelligence

[3] Describe and explain Searle’s “Chinese room” counterexample to functionalism and the argument it illustrates.

[4] Describe and explain at least one (more is better) reply to Searle. Make a conclusion; could machines think and have minds?


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