As we know nowadays people are having difficulties with their lives

As we know nowadays people are having difficulties with their lives. Not only with their health, but also with their self-esteem. Why? Well, after the pandemic of Covid 19 a lot of people have had aftermath due to the virus or even been unemployed. Hence, there is a huge room to undertake a life coaching business for those people who are depressed. Sometimes, they do not want to go to the psychologist because they think “I am not crazy” but what they do not realize is that they do not have to be crazy to talk to someone about what they are dealing with. Therefore, we want to launch an Online Life Coaching service where people would not have to spend hours in traffic to go to the psychologist. Furthermore, this service will be the opposite of a psychologist instead of listening to the clients problems and letting them figure out what is their issue. It is more about talking about the common problems/issues that human beings can have and that way we can collaborate with the clients in developing action plans that center on the actualization of their stated ambitions. Also, no one will feel uncomfortable sharing their stories. Now you might be thinking about it. How do we make sure that all the issues of the clients in the course are being addressed? Well, it is simple, they will need to fill out an online form before entering into our online class for us to be prepared before the show starts.


Please write a summary of your theory as to why this is a viable opportunity.

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