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Assignment | History homework help

The assignment for this module contains two parts. Respond to both parts of this assignment on one Word document. 


1. Go to the Webliography and watch the NBC Learn videos below. Then, in a detailed paragraph or in list form, or with a chart or diagram, explain the push factors for black southern migrants to the North. 
Black Codes Black Labor in the Post-Civil War South Sharecropping in the Post-Civil War South Whites Unleash Vengeance at Lynch Mobs Lynch Mobs 


2. Read the poem below and answer the following questions with one or two sentences:  Why is the title of this poem significant?  What is the mood of the poem?  What push and pull factors are mentioned in the poem? 


For Mother and Dad 
It is true we love de South all right, But, yes we love God too. An’ when he comes ter help us out, What’s left for us ter do? 

Den comes de North and wages high, Saying, come on up de horn, An’ den you think we’ll stay down here? “Not us” – Good bye, we’re gone. An’ let one race have all the South, Where color lines are drawn, For “Hagar’s Child” done [stem] de tide Farewell – we’re good and gone. 


Author unknown  

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