Here is an announcement from the teacher describing a lot of it
This is a developmental concept paper based on a movie of your choice (I have provided a listing of movie ideas; but, students are also allowed to chose any
movie they wish. The movie does not have to be approved). This is NOT a summary of a movie! This paper is 3-5 body pages PLUS a title page and a
references page all in APA style for a minimum of 5 total pages.
Students are to describe at least 3-5 different developmental concepts based on the textbook’s descriiption of these concepts. Additionally, these concepts
need to be described in terms of and related to specific characters, plot, events, historical setting, etc that is presented in the movie you choose. Examples of
developmental concepts include but are not limited to: parenting styles, Piaget’s cognitive stages, Erikson’s developmental stages, obesity, nutrition,
personality, self-esteem, bullying, developmental disorders (ADHD, Autism Spectrum, learning disorders), substance use, family structure and function,
dementia, death and dying, etc. They can be any developmental concept that is covered in the textbook from any chapter.
NOTE: If you discuss, for example, Piaget’s theory of cognitive development and refer to different characters, this is still only 1 concept! You must discuss 3-5
different developmental concepts… 1 concept for 3-5 characters is NOT 3-5 different concepts. You should present an indepth coverage of the
concept/theory, which might involve you relating it to several characters. Each developmental concept you identify should be defined, based on the
textbook’s definition and then cite the textbook, and then you should relate it to a character or an event that happened or the plot in the movie, etc., and then
cite the movie.
Students are to use correct APA style citation within the paper as in-text/parenthetical citations (Not citing in the paper is an automatic 10 point deduction).
In-text would be something like… In 2019, Smith, Hawkins, and Godfrey noted that… or According to Smith, Hawkins, and Godfrey (2019) the developmental
concept of bullying can be defined as… or the traditional parenthetical citation is at the end of the sentence in parentheses (Guffey, 2019). I prefer for
students to vary the way they cite, like these above examples, to help with the flow of the paper. There will be 2 sources only…the movie and our textbook.
This may seem a bit redundant to cite two sources only, which is why varying the way you cite will help. Remember, both have to be cited within the paper and
included on the reference page in correct APA format (Not having an APA stye reference page is also a 10 point deduction).
What you will NOT do…
You will not be giving your opinion of the movie.
You will not be summarizing the movie.
You will not be coming up with your own descriiptions or types of developmental concepts.
What you WILL need to do…
Select a movie.
Identify 3-5 different developmental concepts from the textbook that we have covered or that we will be covering in future chapters.
Describe the concepts based on the text’s definition/descriiption.
Explain the connection between the developmental concept and the movie (character(s), events, plot, historical setting, etc).
Cite the book and the movie within your paper.
The paper will be submitted through the actual assignment link in Blackboard. To locate this assignment… 1) click on course materials, 2) click on final exam
#4 material, 3) click on movie paper information.
A course link is provided to the movie paper assignment below.
This paper is worth 50 points. This assignment is due by 11pm on December 2 and is to be submitted through the actual movie paper assignment link under
the “Movie Paper Information” folder.
Additional information is included within the “Movie Paper Information” folder under the “final exam #4 material” folder to assist students in completing this
assignment such as: a sample APA formatted paper, a listing of acceptable movie selections, APA style tips, a grade sheet for how I will grade this
assignment, etc. To review all of the documents about this movie paper, go to the link provided below.
so this is basically all the directions. it says to cite out of the textbook but I nor you have that so don’t worry about that.