– Generations defined as:
Baby Boomer born between 1946 – 1964
Generation X born between 1965-1980
Generation Y born between 1981-2000
Do not include Gen Z or the silent generation
Please include a Introduction and conclusion
-Formatted in APA 7 ed.
Overview of Research Focus
• Introduce the Theoretical
Framework= provide
theoretical underpinnings of
problem/issue being focused.
• Clarify research already
conducted on selected topic
• Focus and cite only literature
related to your specific
research focus.
• Compare/contrast the various
arguments, theories,
methodologies, and findings
expressed in the literature
• Identify the gaps, problems,
or potential unresolved issues
in the existing knowledge/
research that your research will
seek to fill.
• Correlate or associate the
existing knowledge/research to
your proposed area of research
under investigation
Sections for this chapter include
• Main topic of research
• Sub-topics that are essential to
understanding the leadership and
management area reviewed.
• Sub-topics are to specifically address
the identified main points in the
research and directly related to the
research questions.
• Include any applicable or pertinent
Theory providing academic support
and credibility for the research
• Statement of why this area is
important for leaders and managers
to understand

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