LIBM 4023

You will select either an author OR an illustrator for your study. Select someone for whom you can find a good deal of information about and someone who will be of relevance to us as educators. This person should have won some awards or honors for writing or illustration; in addition, he or she should have written or illustrated multiple books. Consider the names that you are already familiar with. When you have made your selection, post the name on the subject line on the Discussion Board thread. If someone else has already claimed that person, you will need to select someone else.

On your scheduled day, you will submit your written report before the beginning of class to Blackboard; you may choose to bring a hard copy to class. The following items should be included in your author/illustrator study, in this order and with appropriate headings:

1. Cover Page in APA format
2. Biographical information that will be of interest to students (this is not the focus of the presentation but is very important in the written report – should be 1 – 1 ½ pages double spaced)
3. At least 3 quality annotations of the author’s week – each annotation should include title, theme, brief summary in your own words, and suggested classroom use
4. Appropriate classroom use suggestions for the author’s books in general, particularly those not included in annotations
5. Recommended Age/ Developmental Level for books with indication of why it’s appropriate for this level(s)
6. Statement and description of the genre or artistic media that the author or illustrator is most associated with
7. Summarization of a critique of their work, including the reviewer’s name and the journal – include at least two sources
8. Overall conclusion expressing the significance of the author or illustrator; consider the perspective of an educator
9. A list of their work and awards (15 to 25)
APA format is to be used when citing bibliographic sources. Your bibliography should include traditional sources (library) and may include websites. Web information is NOT to be the only source.
You should have samples of your author or illustrator’s work for us to see. Be sure to read at least THREE of their books, and bring at least three to share on your presentation day.

Bibliographic information – be sure to give credit to your sources and correctly cite any sources that you use in your report. Plagiarism will result in no credit.

In addition, you will be evaluated on your presentation of your author/illustrator study. You will want to identify your selected person and post to Discussion Board as soon as you have made the determination so that no one else presents on the same person.

You may wish to include a photograph of your author/illustrator, but it is not required. You may present your information in any manner you choose (posters, computer presentations, hands-on, etc.) Please don’t READ your report to the class. It is expected that you be familiar enough with your author/illustrator and his/her relevance to children’s literature to be able to talk for 5-7 minutes.

Obviously you will not be able to share ALL of the information in your report, so select topics that you think will be of interest to our class. Select that information which is most important to your peers as future educators. Be intentional about selecting the information since you will only have 5-7 minutes; no more than one minute should be about the biographical information.

Please see the score sheet for more information on how your project will be assessed. I will provide you with a score sheet, and you will self-assess two sections related to your presentation. Also see the sample study posted; it is an example of a well-written study.


Author or Illustrator_______________________________________________________

Indicator Points Possible Points Achieved
Cover page and Author/Illustrator
3 quality annotations included

Appropriate classroom suggestions were made in relationship to author/illustrators and developmental level of author/illustrator’s work
Genre or artistic media stated clearly
Summarize critique of work – include at least 2 reviews/journals

Conclusion expresses significance
List of work and awards
*Presentation – Shared samples of author/illustrator’s work (at least three books)


*Presentation – Engaged class, including use of appropriate grammar and vocal inflection, included information relevant to educators, utilized 5-7 minutes (please indicate # of minutes)
30 **

Total Points Possible ______/200
*These two sections will be self-assessed
** Please provide the titles of books you brought for your presentation and provide notes about your presentation.