PBHL 1100: Healthy U

PURPOSE ● To use a six-step process to develop, implement, and evaluate a personal behavior change plan.
● To identify barriers to your own well-being.
● To explain how your personal well-being is impacted by and interacts with the many aspects of your environment.

INSTRUCTIONS This project is done in six steps and will take you approximately three months to complete.
Complete this Step during Module 1 Step 1: Assess your current health and take the RealAge Test
1. Please do a Google search for “Real Age Tests”. Complete one of them. After the results it should provide you with a list of behaviors you could improve upon or change. You will be selecting of these behvaiors to change throughout the semester.

Complete this Step during Module 2 Step 2: Set goals and identify rewards
Based on the ranked list that you created in Step 1 choose one behavior that you would like to change. Write a 2-page description of that behavior as it relates to your current life. Include the following information:
● Your reasons for selecting this particular behavior to change.
● A description of the behavior and how it impacts you on a daily basis.
● The reasons why you have not changed this behavior in the past.
● The reasons why changing this behavior might be difficult for you.
● A vision of what your life would be like once you have changed your behavior.
● A behavior change goal, a goal date by which to change the behavior, and a reward that you will provide to yourself when you meet your goal.
Complete this Step during Module 3 Step 3: Assess your current behavior
Before you begin to make any changes, keep a diary about that behavior. In your diary:
● Record every occasion when you engage in this behavior (time, place, surrounding events, people you are with, triggers for the behavior, your mood, etc…)
● Keep this diary for at least 5 days. Each entry should be between 200-300 words.
Complete this Step during Module 4 Step 4: Redefine your goal and develop an action plan
After completing Step 3, use the information contained in your diary to identify potential challenges you may face when you attempt to change you behavior. Reassess if you can reach the goal in the amount of time you indicated in Step 2. Adjust your goal or change your time frame if necessary. Develop a plan to enable you to reach your goal. Write a 2-page behavior change plan listing specifically:
● Your revised goals and timeframe.
● How you propose to change your behavior. List and explain the specific steps you will take to begin the behavior change process (i.e. what specific changes will you make in your life?)
● List and discuss multiple ways that you will deal with temptation and failure during the behavior change process.
Complete this Step during Module 5 Step 5: Implement your behavior change plan
Put your plan into action. Keep a diary of your “plan in action” for at least five days. Each entry into your diary should be between 200-300 words and include the date and the time it is written. In your diary, you should list and discuss your success, failures, temptations, triggers, new habits, people who are supporting you (or not supporting you), ideas for continued success, personal thoughts/ideas/emotions/struggles.
Complete this Step during Module 6. Step 6: Evaluate your progress
Near the end of the semester, you must evaluate your plan, even if you are not yet done. Write a 2-page summary of where you are at in terms of changing your behavior?
● Did you reach your goal? How does that make you feel? What differences do you notice in your life? Will you will be able to maintain the change?
● Is your plan still ongoing? For how much longer will your behavior change process last? What changes in your life/health have you noticed thus far?
● Did you not reach your goal? Why didn’t you fully meet your behavior change goal? What could you do differently next time to ensure success?
● Discuss in detail your plans/hopes for the future as they relate to this specific behavior.