Bertie during nap time.

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The following is an observation of Bertie during nap time. She is in the sleep room with 14 other children and 2 staff. Bertie is 3.4 years old.

Bertie was being fidgety on her cot during nap time. She kicked off her blanket and took off her socks and threw them in the air.

One sock landed on her belly, she started to laugh and threw her sock up again. This time the sock landed on her chest. Bertie scrunched her socks, ball like, in her hands, squeezing the sock as hard a she could, which included scrunching up her face.

Bertie started kicking her feet on her bed in a forceful motion while holding tightly t her socks clutched to her chest.

This is the third afternoon she has been unable to settle. When the teacher approached Bertie and suggested she tuck her socks under her bed, she pulled them close to her chest again, yelled “NO” as she turned away from the teacher and started to cry quietly.