BHA415 Module 3 Discussion Post 2

BHA415 Module 3 Discussion Post 2


1. Directly respond to at least one classmate in a way that extends meaningful discussions, adds new information, and/or offers alternative perspectives.

Racial and ethnic minorities are less likely to have healthcare coverage, which may have minor interaction with the healthcare system (CDC, 2017). They are more than likely to get dental care and preventative care such as cancer screenings, blood pressure checks, and vaccinations. Racial and ethnic minorities also have a high probability of going to the emergency department for a condition that is not deemed an emergency that could have been treated at a routine appointment (Gindi, Cohen, & Kirzinger, 2012). According to Shi, we should be mindful of vulnerable populations (2014, p.122). We should care because everybody should be entitled to quality healthcare. If we focused more on quality care given to vulnerable populations, it could provide more awareness into health system issues or identify complications that could go unnoticed.

Vulnerable populations affect healthcare administrators in many ways. Language barriers are common factors that limit access to care. Providers have a hard time screening ethnic minorities that are not proficient in English. The lack of not having a regular source of care (RSC) decreases the possibility of receiving coordinated care, which could impact quality treatment (Shi, 2014). To promote equity, we must first acknowledge the underlying causes and circumstances of vulnerable populations and provide solutions.


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