Is a practice more profitable when using in-house or outsourced billing services? This is a topic of debate for health care professionals, with merits to each option. After reviewing this week’s readings and resources, conduct additional research to arrive at your own conclusion.

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Billing Services Option

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Create a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate your recommendation: billing services in-house, or through an agency.
Audience: In an opening slide, define your practice type. Examples include hospital, private group practice, community clinic, etc. Your audience for this presentation will be the practice management staff of your chosen entity.
Length: approximately 6 slides, including title and reference slides.

Discuss the pros and cons of each option. (billing in-house or outsourced).
Explain how your recommendation aligns with the practice’s best interests – financial and operational.
Conclude your presentation with a clear and concise recommendation, supported by your research. You should be confident and convincing about this choice!
Include a reference slide, listing all resources/references used to create this assignment in proper APA format. For more information on Billing Services Option read this:

Billing Services Option