BIO 135 Casey Diet

BIO 135 Casey Diet


Use the information above and the food intake information to answer the following questions:

1.What percent of Casey’s kcals are coming from total fat?  Is he within the AMDR for total fat intake?  (When calculating, you can round to the nearest kcals and nearest percent).  Show Math)

2.What percent of Casey’s kcals are coming from saturated fat?  Is he within the recommendation for saturated fat intake?  (when calculating, you can round to the nearest kcal and nearest percent). Note that the recommendation for kcal from saturated fat is in the Numbers to Know page.

3.The spreadsheet doesn’t tell us about Casey’s omega-3 fatty acid intake. Though many foods contain some amount of omega-3 fatty acids, there are only a few food sources that provide significant amounts of these heart-healthy fats.  Your book provides some best sources. With this in mind, is he eating foods that are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids?  If so, list them. If not, list a couple of foods that would be good sources.

4.Evaluate Casey’s blood cholesterol levels.  Indicate whether each measure (total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol) is in the high risk, too low or in the normal range

5.See section 5.7 on fats in the diet.  Based on what you determined in questions 1-4, identify two changes Casey should make to address his fat intake. Be sure to discuss both total triglyceride intake as well as types of fatty acids and name specific foods you would add and subtract to/from his list to create a healthier overall fat intake.  Remember to substitute rather than just remove foods, as he is not trying to lower his kcal intake.

6. Evaluate Casey’s diet based on the MyPlate food guide. What does he need to add in terms of all food groups?  What does he need to reduce in terms of all food groups?  Give at least three examples of changes that would bring his intake closer to meeting all recommendations we have talked about so far…not only fats, but foods in general.


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